Thursday, April 19, 2018
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SmartStruxure Links
NOTE: You must open another tab and log onto the extranet or iPortal for some of these links to work properly.
Here you will find links to interesting sources of information and tools.

●SEBA Standard Tag Names

●Schneider Lessons Learned

●Schneider Community Online

●Schneider iPortal

●Software Downloads

●Schneider Publication Zone - Requires iPortal Login
- If the link above doesn't work, try this one:

●Schneider Exchange Online
If you do not have a password, contact Lora Bauer at

●Schneider Electric Partner Training

●SmartStruxure Help Online

●Schneider Graphics Site (TGML)

●Schneider Technical Product Advisory (TPA)

●SmartStruxure Transition Portal

●Schneider Dallas Website

●Schneider Tech Zone

●Americas 3-D Graphics library and Global Standard Components library  

●Americas Demo DB and Global Demo DB: 

●Smart Widgets Downloads

●Submit Files to Rockford Support

●OLD Schneider Graphics Site (TGML)

● OLD Schneider iPortal

● OLD Software Downloads  



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