Monday, February 24, 2020
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SmartStruxure Tools, Links & Component Libraries

●ENE StruxureSuite

Download StruxureSuite

NextVersionUpdate - Download this for current version fixes

●SEBA Standard Tag Names

●ENE Floor Plan Kit

Download Floor Plan Kit

NOTE: You must open another tab and log onto the extranet for Schneider links to work properly.

●Schneider Partner Portal

●Schneider Lessons Learned

●Known Issues

●Schneider Community Online

●Schneider iPortal

●Software Downloads

●North American Advanced Support Portal

●Schneider Exchange Online
If you do not have a password, contact Lora Bauer at

●This week's Schneider Electric Partner Training Website (last time I checked).

●SmartStruxure Help Online

●Schneider Graphics Site (TGML)


●SmartConnector Forum

●Schneider Technical Product Advisory (TPA)

●SmartStruxure Transition Portal


●Submit Files to Rockford Support


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